Hanoi Sandwich House


Annam Gourmet Market
Smoothies,  Sandwich,  Drinks,  Appetizers
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Sandwiches made with fresh ingredients


8 Tây Hồ
Smoothies , Sandwich , Drinks , Appetizers
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  • 3/5 time (14/09/2017, 12:57)

    They have also in the past substituted ham for beef in their "beefy" sandwich. Why is anyone's guess.

  • 3/5 time (14/09/2017, 12:56)

    They tell EAT they "do not deliver to your area" when they are simply busy and have delivered frequently in the past.

  • 5/5 time (11/05/2017, 17:20)

    The food s really good, the only problem is their delivery. It's a shame really, but there are other restaurants with more reliably deliveries.

  • 5/5 time (27/08/2016, 13:56)

    We've ordered several times from Hanoi Sandwich House, every time it has been excellent quality (and much better value than Joma) - breakfast sandwich choices are particularly good! Great baco

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Hanoi Sandwich House

Smoothies,  Sandwich,  Drinks,  Appetizers

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